Price starting from ₹2500/month.


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Price starting from ₹2500/month.


WhatsApp blast

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WhatsApp blast
WhatsApp blast
WhatsApp blast
WhatsApp blast
WhatsApp blast

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Exclusive Features of WhatsApp Blast Message Sender

Personalized bulk messaging

Connect with your audience by sending personalized messages that resonate with them. Addressing individuals by name gives you better engagement, conversions & ROI.

Rich Multi-Media Support

Capture attention instantly by customizing your messages with eye-catching images, videos, attachments and audio. It lets you showcase products/services and engage the reader. Make the most of your campaigns with rich media support

Seamless Drip Campaigns

Use WhatsApp to create drip campaigns for your products, automatically create sequential templates & schedule seamlessly to broadcast your messages to your customers. 

Customer Segmentation and Targeting

Get focused on your messages, and customize campaigns based on preferences and behavior to tailor campaigns for different groups, ensuring each message hits the mark.

Quick Send Automation Saves 70% time

Save time and effort with scheduling and automation via WhatsApp Quick Send. Quickly upload 100K contacts in seconds and watch your campaigns work on autopilot.

Dashboard with Real-time Analytics

Get real-time analytics on your WhatsApp Dashboard. Measure the success of your campaigns, track user engagement, and optimize your strategies for maximum impact.

Global Reach and Multi-Lingual Support

Expand your reach with customers worldwide and break language barriers with LLM for multi-lingual support, making your messages more accessible and relatable for wider reach.

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Quick Access Buttons with CTAs Integration

Attach quick-access Call-to-action buttons for better engagement and strike the reader’s interest in the product/service. Use navigation buttons like Call, Visit Website, and Know More to make the campaign more handy to the user and ease navigation.

Cost-Effective Solution

Maximize your ROI without breaking the bank. WhatsApp lets you deliver 98 out of 100 messages on average without compromising on the quality of your campaigns.

How can you use WhatsApp Bulk Send for Business

For more leads and conversions, effective communication is the key. WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender offers a range of dynamic features to boost your marketing & sales efforts.

Here are some of the most effective use cases of WhatsApp Blast Messages:

What Makes Kenyt Unique?

Quick Promotions Messages:

Use instant messaging to send alerts about upcoming sales, exclusive discounts, and seasonal promotions. It lets the user know about quick updates whenever they open their WhatsApp.

Cart Recovery Messages:

Don’t let abandoned shopping carts slip through the cracks. Send timely reminders to customers who’ve left their carts behind, turning abandoned opportunities into revenue.

Engaging Newsletters:

Keep your customer base informed and engaged with regular newsletters. Share important news, organization updates, and product information directly through WhatsApp blast messages.

Product Restock Messages:

Rekindle interest in your products by notifying customers when previously out-of-stock items become available again. This feature encourages immediate purchases and levels up the shopping experience.

Reviving Customer Connections:

Engage your inactive customers with well-timed personalized blast messages. Reignite their interest in your product and boost loyalty to your brand.

Streamlined Customer Support 24/7:

Use WhatsApp blast messages to handle lookalike customer queries by sending informative messages to address common concerns. It’s a time-saving solution for your support team.

Send travel & Tour Updates:

Share your customers’ travel & tour updates in real-time, like gate changes, hotel check-in times, tickets and tour guide details to enhance customer experience & satisfaction.

Send travel & Tour Updates:

Send personalized messages in bulk for medication reminders and appointment booking details, and let your customers know you care about them extensively.

UTM Parameter Tracking for Campaigns

Track your campaign performance, like total clicks and user navigation from campaigns, to improve channeling the audience to your products via campaigns. Better tracking brings the ability to improve your campaign performance with real-time insights. 

Throttling & Balance Support

Kenyt handles your message throttling effectively and helps you scale from a 1K basic message limit to limitless and send unlimited messages to your customers.

Omnichannel Integrations

You can never know where you will find your next customer. It can be Facebook, messenger, website, or Google My Business. We let you deploy your chatbot on multiple platforms with a seamless integration for smooth onboarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp has fixed charges for different messages based on the intent of the conversation of broadcast messages. And it is different for different countries. It depends on from where you are sending the messages. Here is an overview of pricing (in USD/Message) for different message intents for india:

  • Marketing: 0.0099 USD/Message 
  • Utility: 0.0042 USD/Message 
  • Authentication: 0.0042 USD/Message 
  • Service Conversations: 0.004 USD/Message 

You can use a WhatsApp bulk sender to send 10,000 messages on WhatsApp. However, it is important to note that WhatsApp limits the number of messages that can be sent daily. The exact limit depends on your account tier, typically around 10,000 messages daily.

There are many ways to create a bulk sender on WhatsApp. One way is to use a third-party service like Kenyt Campaign that can be integrated with your WhatsApp API. Many of these services are available, and we offer a variety of features, such as the ability to send messages to multiple contacts, schedule messages, and track the results of your campaigns.

You cannot send 500 messages at once in WhatsApp to one person. WhatsApp has a limit of 200 daily messages that can be sent to a single contact. Please note that WhatsApp is very strict regarding usage guidelines, and your account may get banned for exceeding this limit.

The legality of using a WhatsApp bulk sender depends on the message’s purpose. The messages must comply with WhatsApp’s Business and Commerce policies if they are being sent for commercial purposes. These policies prohibit the sending of spam or unsolicited messages.

You can send bulk messages in WhatsApp without adding contacts by using a WhatsApp broadcast service. A WhatsApp broadcast is sent to a group of contacts, even if the contacts have not added you to their contact list. It can be done using a WhatsApp Broadcast service from a reputed provider like Kenyt, with more than 600 businesses using the Kenyt WhatsApp broadcasting service.

A WhatsApp broadcast creates a list of contacts you want to send the message to. With Kenyt, you can seamlessly export your contacts from an Excel sheet to your platform. You can then create a message and send it to the list. The message will be sent to each contact in the list, even if they do not have you added to their contact list.

The main difference between WhatsApp broadcast and the group is that a broadcast message is sent to a list of contacts, while a group message is sent to a group of people who have added each other to their contact lists.

No, people cannot see if you broadcast on WhatsApp. When you send a broadcast message, each recipient can only see the message body, so your message privacy is withheld.

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