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Partnership opportunities

Technology Partners

• Service Companies
• Product Companies

Create joint solutions with Kenyt
and deliver personalization
product suite to more customers.

Agency Partners

• Digital Agencies 

Get access to resources and expertise to improve your brand’s offerings in digital presence and marketing campaigns

• Systems Integrators

Develop custom integrations and enhance your techstack for a faster time to value and better adoption.

Certified Resellers

• Referral Partner
• Consultants
• Affiliates Program-Influencers

Create new revenue streams to your business by reselling or referring conversational commerce solutions to potential customers.

Benefits of Kenyt Partner Program

Increased Market Share

Expand your market reach and gain new customers by partnering with Kenyt.AI

Access Our Sales Collaterals

Get a free Kenyt AI Asssitant by becoming a partner and gain access to exclusive resources, such as demos, training, and marketing materials, to promote our products and services.

Increased Revenue Streams

Unlock new ways of making money with our competitive commission rates, and increase your profits by expanding your customer base.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Decrease your overhead costs by getting access to our resources and technologies.

Partner Support Team

You’ll get access to our dedicated team of experts to assist you in growing your business

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Technology Partners

Partnership Type

Service-Based Companies
Product-Based Companies

Market Ready Products

Joint Solutions
Ready to Deploy Personalized Solutions  

Agency Partners

Partnership Type

Digital Agencies
System Integrators

Market Ready Products

Shared Resources
Third-Party Custom Integrations

Certified Resellers

Partnership Type

Referral Partner
Affiliate Program
Influencer Partner

Market Ready Products

Referral Codes
Collaboration in Sales
Discount-led Partnership

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