Offer Delighful Guest Experiences with Hospitality AI Chatbot

Get ready to embrace the ultimate concierge with AI chatbots for the hospitality industry.

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AI Assistants to Innovate Hospitality Industry

$ 1 B

Automotive AI chatbot market in by 2025

$ 1 B

saved by chatbots in auto industry by 2025

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consumers preferring AI in automotive industry

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auto customers willing to purchase through chatbots.

Serving 100+ Businesses with Hospitality AI Assistants

Why Kenyt?

We are an enterprise virtual assistant service provider offering conversational AI-powered Assistance to the hospitality industry. 


Our AI Assistant can help hotels provide seamless guest experiences, automate processes, and offer recommendations.

Hotel ai assistant


We can help airlines assist in flight booking, real-time updates, and personalized travel suggestions for their customers.

Visa services

Our AI Assistants can help visa services reduce wait times, offer a seamless visa application experience, and provide automated visa updates.

visa service

Travel and tourism

Virtual AI Assistants can help travel & tourism businesses provide personalized real-time updates, alerts, best offers, and more for their customers.

Events and conferences

Our AI Assistants can help event planners provide personalized schedules, and automate follow-up surveys to optimize future events.


Our AI Assistants can help restaurants offer AI-based reservations, personalized menu recommendations, and efficient payment and billing solutions for their customers.

Who can use our Hospitality AI Assistant?

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