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AI Assistants to Innovate E-Commerce Industry

$ 1 B

Retail AI chatbot market in by 2025

$ 1 B

saved by E-commerce chatbots by 2025

1 %

consumers preferring AI in E-commerce

1 %

Prefer E-commerce support through chatbots

Centro Fashion increased lead capture from 2.2% to 9.1%

Centro Fashion used our enterprise AI Assistants to boost their lead capture from from 2.2% to 9.1% with AI powered seamless customer responses 24/7 and omnichannel lead capture with Kenyt AI Assistant.

2.7% to 12.1% increase in lead capture for BuildersMart

BuildersMart was struggling from poor lead capture and decided to leverage Kenyt enterprise AI Assistant to boost their lead capture online. Our AI Assistant helped them increase their lead capture from 2.7% to whopping 12.1%.

AI Chatbots for E-commerce Online Stores

Enhanced Customer Experience

Kenyt AI Assistant enhances the customer experience by providing personalized and immediate support across various channels, increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Multichannel Support

Our AI Assistants provide multichannel support, allowing retailers to cater to customers' preferred communication channels.

Improved Personalization

We offer conversational AI Assistants to improve personalization by leveraging data and customer behavior to provide tailored recommendations and solutions.

Advanced-Data Analytics

With our AI Assistants, you can provide advanced data analytics, allowing retailers to track and analyze customer behavior, trends, and preferences.

Boost ROI with Dashboard

Kenyt AI Assistants help retailers manage their ROI dashboards, providing real-time metrics and KPIs and ensuring efficient and effective decision-making.

Order Tracking

Our AI Assistants provide real-time order tracking, allowing customers to track their orders and receive updates on the delivery status via multiple channels.

Personalized Offers and Upselling

Kenyt's retail AI chatbots can proactively communicate tailored promotions and suggest upsells, based on user interest.

Guided Shopping Experience

Engage users with a highly interactive guided shopping experience with our E-commerce AI Assistant with quizzes and filter recommendations.

Who can use our E-Commerce AI Assistant?

Online SMEs
B2C Online Businesses
B2C Online
FMCG E-Commerce
Digital Commerce Platforms
Digital Commerce

Boost workforce efficiency with AI

Pack your teams with AI-powered toolkits and aid them in overcoming challenging workloads with improved productivity and efficiency.

AI-driven performance insights

Create performance insights driven by AI to identify problem areas and establish training objectives for growth.

Rapid self-assistance

Ensure generative AI to quickly and regularly communicate with them, and keep them engaged throughout their job lifecycle.

Assistance for customer conversations

Generative AI's dynamic response ideas can help your agents in real-time by providing prompt, grammatically correct, and interesting responses.

Driving Success for Industry Forerunners


Frequently Asked Questions

A software application that employs artificial intelligence to aid users with their online shopping is known as an ecommerce AI assistant. They are able to place purchases, offer product recommendations, and respond to inquiries. Consider them an ever-present, kind, and informed sales representative on your website.

Chatbots for retail is utilized in e-commerce to boost efficiency, optimize consumer experiences, and streamline workflows. Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbots and ecommerce AI assistant perform repetitive activities, respond to inquiries, and offer tailored recommendations, enhancing the ease and appeal of online shopping

Conversational AI, like chatbots for retail, helps customers with their purchase decisions, responds to frequently asked questions, and offers real-time assistance. It guarantees a seamless experience, lowers friction, and increases customer happiness by providing immediate support.

Of course! They can provide targeted advertising, provide product recommendations, and customize website content for each visitor by analyzing client data and browsing activity.

A retail AI chatbot helps users by:

1. Responding to their inquiries regarding features, return policies, and sizing charts for products.

2. Product suggestions based on previous purchases or browsing behavior.

3. Assist users in finding what they’re searching for on the internet.

4. Check the status of order (on some platforms).

Conversational AI boosts user pleasure, boosts sales, and promotes customer engagement. It provides individualized interactions, round-the-clock accessibility, and effective customer service, all of which contribute to increased revenue.

Product listings and communication can be improved using AI chatbots, which generates resources such as personalized greetings or product descriptions. Because of its ability to generate dynamic content, product pages become more interesting and educational for the users.

While there are many advantages chatbots for retail, there are also drawbacks, such as the need to maintain accuracy, minimize bias, and ensure smooth integration with current systems. Resolving these problems is essential to the adoption of chatbots in e-commerce.

Not always. AI assistants are excellent for routine inquiries and chores, but when it comes to more complicated problems, they cannot take the position of a human. In an ideal world, AI assistants support human customer service representatives in order to deliver a comprehensive experience.

Sophisticated next-gen AI chatbots for ecommerce are compatible with well-known systems, including analytics software, email marketing tools, and CRMs. This simplifies processes and gives customers a more cohesive experience.

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