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CX with Conversational AI

Transform your customer experience by infusing conversational AI and live chat into all customer-facing channels

Open for Business 24×7

Be available to your prospects and customers anytime, anywhere they wish to interact with your business.

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Offer Thrilling Experiences

Change the paradigm completely. Wow your audience. Converse in their language and engage deeply.

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Across All Channels

Leave the channels to customers - website, GoogleMyBusiness, email, phone, text, social media.

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AI Assistant Features

Here's a list of things that our AI assistant can do


Advanced Lead Capture

AI Assistant has in-built AI flows specifically designed to capture leads and tested over time.

Multi-Channel Lead Capture

Deploy our Assistant everywhere - websites, micro-sites, landing pages, social media pages.

Mobile Apps for Sales Team

Through Kenyt's Android and iOS apps your sales team gets instant lead notification and direct call facility.

CRM Integration

Kenyt AI Assistants can send leads directly to your favorite CRM, including Salesforce and Hubspot.

Ai assistant

World's Most Advanced AI
Assistant Technology

From experts in AI and related technologies

95% Accuracy in Answering Queries

With a series of proprietary AI algorithms in the back-end, Kenyt AI Assistants are able to answer 95% of user queries correctly, one of the highest benchmarks in the industry.

Contextual, Human-like Chat Experience

Similar to humans, Kenyt AI Assistants take care of full context while chatting with user, e.g. previous conversation messages, identity of user, time and location of conversation.

Grammar, Misspells, Synonyms Handling

Kenyt AI Assistants can handle various language variations, such as grammar (location vs. located), misspells (floor vs. flor) and synonyms (show me vs. tell me).

Machine Learning for Self Improvement

With embedded ML, Kenyt AI Assistants continuously improve over time with newer queries, further increasing their accuracy.

Support for Multiple Languages

Kenyt Assistants can converse in multiple languages and dialects, either in script form or as one language written in terms of other.

Voice Bot Support

Want your business to talk to your online customers? Kenyt technology goes beyond just chat. It also supports voice-based automated systems - Voice AI Assistants.

AI Assistant Features

Here's a list of things that our AI assistant can do


Customized UX

AI Assistant's look and feel can be fully customized according to your company branding.

Virtual Receptionist

A special Assistant for multiple projects. Understands user requirements and directs to specific project Assistant.

Hybrid Chat System

Engage manually when AI assistant is not able to handle customer queries seamlessly and make the AI assistant learn along the way.

Chat Transcripts and Analytics

Kenyt dashboard provides full chat transcripts, reports, and many useful analytics for your marketing, sales and support teams.

Data and Leads Security

Kenyt's technology provides multiple levels of security to ensure leads don't get leaked or shared.

UTM and Campaign Tracking

Track your campaign ROI using UTM parameters tagging in AI Assistant.

Ai assistant

Omni Channel

Besides your website, our AI Assistants can man all online and digital channels.





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