Sales Acceleration

Increase your sales by closing more deals and sell more products.


Use Kenyt meeting desk to enable sales teams to instantaneously get on a video call with customers.


Use intelligent automation to decide best course of action based on customer history


Use cart, wishlist and payments functionality to close deals with minimal human interaction.

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Why Kenyt.AI?

Turn Prospects into Customers and Improve Sales

Kenyt AI Assistant connects with your prospects in real-time, capture leads faster and hands them off to your team to generate more sales.

AI Assistant with a Business Card

Yes, you heard it right! Our AI assistant gives you all the details (business phone, email and a website) you would need from a prospect.

Customer Analytics and Hybrid Human-Bot

Kenyt's AI Assistant gives you deep analytics on your customer's preferences and seamlessly hand off them to your sales team to drive faster conversions at the right time.

AI Assistant with a Business Card

Yes, you heard it right! Our AI assistant gives you all the details (business phone, email and a website) you would need from a prospect.

Kenyt.AI's Advantages


Trained for different industries to take care of all funnel stages. Existing conversation flows and engagement sequences can be customized as required.

Omni-Channel Multi-Lingual

Engage customers on Web, WhatsApp, Instagram, FB etc. Converse with your prospect in their native language and drive greater customer satisfaction.

Seamless Integration

Connect Kenyt to your existing systems/workflows such as CRM, website, apps seamlessly and make the overall system more efficent.

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Everything you need to engage your customers and get 3X more quality leads from your existing digital campaigns
Get yourself ahead from your competition.

Advanced AI Technology to capture leads

Kenyt AI Assistants give your customers a reason to share their contact details. It has inbuilt special flows to capture phone number and email at the right time.

Deeply trained for your business

Kenyt AI Assistants are pre-trained with detailed knowledge of your business so that it can answer any query from location to features to product details.

Payment Integrations

Kenyt integrated a payment feature to our AI assistant that ensures your customers do payments without leaving the messaging app and increase your sales thereby.

Deep customer engagement

Kenyt AI Assistant not only answers your customers queries, but also tries to understand their interests and have human-like conversation. This builds a deeper connection with customer hence the satisfaction.

Reports & Analytics

With Kenyt's own dashboard, management can see various analytics viz weekly/monthly lead report, chat transcripts, customers' behaviour, RoI of digital campaigns etc.

Calendar Integrations & Scheduling Appointments

Our AI Assistant can drive more appointments out of engaged contacts and schedule meetings directly into your reps calendar. Also, allows you to talk to your prospect directly through a video call with out any additional software.