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Kenyt Enterprise AI Chatbots to
Automate Engagement Assist Teams Accelerate Business

Transformed more than 600+ businesses

Upto 5X Better Customer Engagement

Boost customer engagement and experience by 5X with our Enterprise AI Chatbot. With multilingual support, automated appointment scheduling, and voice-enabled features, provide a 24/7 interactive customer experience.

Increase Employee Engagement by 3X

Optimize HR processes and enhance employee engagement with our AI Chatbot. Personalized feedback, streamlined scheduling, task management, service desk capabilities, and automated ITSM processes.

Close more deals, improve productivity and enhance customer engagement by 5X

Elevate Your Customer Conversations with Kenyt Enterprise AI Chatbots.

Empower your business with AI-assisted automation to streamline marketing, sales, and support. Our advanced automation capabilities improve efficiency, boost sales and conversions, and provide seamless customer support.

Our multichannel AI Chatbots analyze data, identify patterns, and automate support tasks for best-in-class operations efficiency.

Marketing Made Easy with Conversational AI

Kenyt’s enterprise AI Chatbots can revolutionize your marketing strategies by analyzing customer behavior, identifying conversation patterns, and creating personalized content and campaigns that drive better engagement and conversions.

With AI-powered automation, your marketing team can work smarter, not harder, and achieve better results than ever before.

Streamlined Sales with Enterprise AI Chatbots

Maximizing your sales potential has become easier with the help of our conversational enterprise AI Chatbots. By automating lead scoring, identifying potential prospects, and providing real-time insights, we can help your sales team close deals faster and more effectively.

Say goodbye to tedious manual processes and get increased revenue and business growth.

Seamless Customer Support with Kenyt Support AI Chatbots

Deliver exceptional post or pre-sales customer support with our enterprise AI Chatbots. With advanced machine learning capabilities, our conversational AI Chatbot can analyze customer data, predict issues, and provide proactive support 24*7, enhancing the overall customer experience and increasing customer loyalty & repeat purchases.

Advanced Features of Kenyt AI Chatbots

Improve CX with conversational AI and live chat across all channels

Transform your customer experience by infusing conversational AI and live AI chat into all customer-facing channels.

Omni-channel AI Chatbot

Omnichannel Marketing

Kenyt AI Chatbots can converse in multiple languages and dialects, either in script form or as one language written in terms of other. Our AI Chatbot sit on all the channels like Email, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Website.

Omnichannel Marketing

Google Business AI Chatbot for 24x7 Business Support

Kenyt Google Business AI Chatbot helps businesses handle high volumes of inquiries and visitors by automating responses, providing personalized recommendations, and offering 24/7 support. Google Business AI Chatbot improves customer service for businesses of any size.

24x7 WhatsApp Conversational AI Chatbot

54% of the global audience prefers using Whatsapp for customer support with automated responses and AI assistance. Connect with your customers with our innovative WhatsApp AI Chatbot. 

WhatsApp Chatbot can boost your business by upto 15% and helps you save upto 30% on support expenses. Discover 24×7 customer support with Kenyt Whatsapp AI Chatbots.

Website AI Chatbot for seamless CS and Operations

Say goodbye to frustrating inquiries and get efficient lead captures with our Conversational AI Chatbots. With 24*7 multilingual support, our AI chatbot can understand their needs accurately and respond with relevant information quickly.

Save upto 2.5 billion hours of human efforts to focus on more critical tasks and qualified leads. Our NLP-powered Website AI Chatbot provides personalized support for a seamless customer experience and faster lead processing.

Instagram AI Chatbot for a Smarter and Better Lead Capture

Instagram Messenger AI Chatbot – Modern AI Chatbot for online small to medium enterprises dependent on Instagram for leads and providing customer support on this popular platform.

Pre-Trained to Specific Industries

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