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Our Philosophy

Kenyt comes from a strong technical background. Its core philosophy is to create value using best and latest of technology. Innovation and Integrity are two pillars on which Kenyt stands. We believe in honest innovation and creating more RoI for our customers and stakeholders, than what they invest in us.

At Kenyt, we focus on what we do best. We aim to combine individual strengths with work enjoyment, and create solutions that really impact and create value for everybody.

Kenyt - Passion, Vision and Creation. Perfection is always a work-in-progress.

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10 Employees
2 Products
50 Years of Experience
80 Customers

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Leads from multiple channels

Deploy Chatbot on your website, landing pages, Facebook, and capture leads from all channels.

Instant connect with prospect

Instant push notifications and lead forwarding to CRM on capture. Call when lead is hot! Smart analytics to get customer interests based on chat.

Self-learning Hybrid chat system

Engage manually or let chatbot handle the queries or do both in the same conversation. Chatbot learns from responses and get smarter everyday.