5 ways real estate can boost lead capture with ai chatbots

Chatbots have become an integral part of customer experience now-a-days that their application spans across industry verticals.

A survey by chatbotslife claims that the industry most impacted by the introduction of chatbots is the Real Estate industry with chatbot adoption rates at 28%.

With such high adoption rates, let’s look at why chatbots are so loved by marketers in Real Estate lead capture and the different use cases.

24/7 availability:

With customers generally surfing the internet during their free time or post office hours, your team might not be available when the customer needs a query answered. Chatbots solve this by being present 24/7 and sharing consistent information across with the customer about your real estate project.

Capture Appointments:

With integrated calendar feature, chatbots now-a-days can capture appointments for your team and also direct the customer to schedule an appointment with the right department based on their query

Real Estate specific conversation flows:

Customers come to your website looking for certain information about your property/project. Chatbots present on your website act as a proactive engagement tool, engaging the customer in an active conversation, sharing information about your property/project before capturing their contact information. This improves the quality of leads drastically when compared to lead forms or live chat solutions which capture the customer details first.

Multi-lingual chats:

72% of customers are more likely to make a purchase if the chat is in the language of their choice. It is difficult to find agents who can speak all the languages that your customers can. Enter chatbots with prior training in multiple languages, chatbots can handle multi-lingual chats with ease. This enables a better customer experience and improved lead capture.

Virtual site visits:

You can use chatbots now to showcase your properties, share links to model flat videos or even enable customers to connect with your team over a video call. This enables the customer to get in depth information about your property before even the first contact with your team, thereby reducing the sales cycle and improving conversions.

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