Setup WhatsApp Virtual Assistant with Gupshup

setup whatsapp assistant with gupshup

Create Gupshup account

Navigate to

Click on “Login” and click on “Sign up here”

Complete Gupshup Setup

Add basic details of name, email and password to create the account

Verification link will be sent on email Complete details of company name, size, etc to finish the initial setup

Complete details of company name, size, etc to finish the initial setup

Setup WhatsApp App

Once logged in, navigate to Dashboard -> WhatsApp -> Create App

Contd. Setup WhatsApp App

Click on Access API option and give a appname. This can be the name of your organization, no special characters allowed

Contd. Setup WhatsApp App

Scroll to next steps at the bottom. Ensure the settings in the screenshots are followed

Contd. Setup WhatsApp App

Contd. Setup WhatsApp App

Click on enable Template Messaging and message events check boxes

Kenyt Partner ID Addition

Add Kenyt Partner ID

Start WhatsApp Setup





WhatsApp Setup Settings


Select the country and click on “Next”

WhatsApp Setup Settings

WhatsApp Address Details


Confirm Details

Verified FB Business Manager ID

Ensure your FB business manager ID is verified.

Navigate to -> Business Settings -> Business Info and check if your FB business manager is verified.

If not, follow this link to submit for verification process.

If verified, it will look something like below


Add verified FBM, phone number & display name

Approve FB business manager request

Navigate to -> Business Settings -> Requests -> Approve

OTP verification

Once FB request is approved, it will show “Awaiting approval” state

This usually takes 1-2 days to move to OTP verification step in the second screenshot

OTP verification contd

Complete OTP verification 

Complete Profile Settings and Settings

Once OTP verification is done, click on Profile Settings, fill all details of logo, website URL, email  ID, status and description -> Apply Changes

Kenyt and Gupshup Integration

Click on Settings

Also login to your Kenyt dashboard Click on AI Assistant -> Deployment

Kenyt and Gupshup Integration

Select the chatbot to link and click on WhatsApp tab

API key and Appname from Gupshup

Find your API key and Appname from Gupshup and fill the details in the Kenyt dashboard


Kenyt Dashboard Settings


Kenyt Dashboard Settings

Fill in the details in the Kenyt dashboard WhatsApp tab and click on Save changes. (screenshot on next page)

Once done, you can send a “Hi” message to the WhatsApp number and check if the bot responds.

Once response is received, Gupshup and Kenyt chatbot integration is complete

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