Customer Engagement

Provide better experience to your customers.

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Create Customer Engagement that SELLS

Delight the user at every step of their buying journey, from the first visit to the final purchase using instant, contextual and hyper-personalized conversations.

Be Available 24/7

Ensure that your customers get the information they’re looking for, even when your team is not available – using our AI Assistant. Engage online customers, capture leads 24x7.

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Converse, Recommend & Sell

Deliver personalized product/service recommendations to your customers queries e.g. “hp laptops under 50k”.

Enable better customer service by showing nearby branches , on the chat itself, for hospitals, schools, stores. The AI Assistant picks up the shared location as an input to showcase the nearby search queries.

Turn website traffic into real-time appointments

Set agents availability and enable customer to book appointments with your team – on the chat itself. In case of difference in time zone between the customer and your team, the AI Assistant automatically picks up the agents available time slots and auto converts them to the customer time zone for a smooth and efficient process – minus the back and forth.

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Simplify Creating Calendar Events

Ability to seamlessly integrate with all the major online calendars to ensure appointments booked on the AI Assistant reflect in your team’s calendar.

Why us ?

Improve marketing ROI by engaging with your website customers, capturing up to 3X more leads, and improving sales conversions by up to 50%.

High bounce rates = lesser leads. Ensure that website visitors are engaged, stay longer on your website by providing relevant information to their queries and capturing quality leads.

Our AI Assistants can be deployed across website, landing pages, Facebook and WhatsApp to ensure that you are present where your customers are.

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Get ready to Skyrocket your Sales

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