Kenyt.AI Assistant for Industries
Pre-trained and Ready-to-Deploy

View Healthcare AI Assistant

Healthcare AI Assistant

Handles patients queries, doctor appointments, route to nearest branches, lab tests etc.

View Education AI Assistant

Education AI Assistant

Handles student queries, provide information on courses, enrol in courses and collects payments.

View Automotive AI Assistant

Automotive AI Assistant

Shows vehicle inventory, add to wishlist/cart, takes service appointments.

View Shopping AI Assistant

Shopping AI Assistant

Supports advanced product queries,.

Restaurant AI Assistant

Restaurant AI Assistant

Book tables, order food and pay bills directly in chat on Web, WhatsApp, Instagram.

Marketing Acceleration

Accelerate marketing ROI using automated personalized engagement on Web, WhatsApp, Social Media.

Pre-Sales Acceleration

Qualify leads, nurture them and set appointments to fill your sales pipeline efficiently.

Sales Acceleration

Boost your sales with hyper-personalised engagement with every warm lead. Make sure no lead is left behind.

Support Acceleration

Use smart Service Desk to automate L1/L2 queries. Use instant video calling to resolve more queries faster.