Explore seamless, real-time appointments, automated follow-up, video calling and integration with existing calendars.

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Book appointments in real time

Enable customers to book appointments based on the agent’s available slots, across different time zones. Your AI Assistant handles the hassle of converting time zones and ensuring the appointments are booked as per the team’s availability.

Department meetings

Prospects can choose to interact either peer-to-peer or with the whole department. For example: Kenyt.AI’s Healthcare AI Assistant allows users to book appointments with a specific doctor or a department (like cardiology). This ensures that the customer is getting the right information and improves lead capture rates.

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Automate follow ups and reduce no-shows

AI Assistant ensures that customers and agents are notified of meeting with regular automated follow-ups, reducing no-shows.

Pre-qualifying questions

Qualify and understand you prospects better by introducing strategically placed questions in the chat flow, enabling your team to access an in-depth customer profile, before the first contact.

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Enables Live Audio/Video Meetings

Prompt users during a conversation to have text chat or a video/audio call, connect with your team and understand the customer requirements better, all on the chat window itself – without downloading additional software.

Supports Calendar Integration

With this integration hook, appointments scheduled on the AI Assistant are automatically scheduled into agents’ and prospects’ calendar.

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