Self Managed Assistants Pricing
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$0 mo.

  • Free Features
  • 1 AI Assistant
  • 150 chats included
  • Leads from additional chats blocked
  • 2 Agent/CRM seats included
  • 1000 campaign messages
  • 100 minutes video calls
  • 1 Department
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$29 99 mo.

  • Free Features+
  • 2 AI Assistants
  • 250 chats included
  • Additional chats starting $0.13/chat
  • 3 Agent/CRM seats included
  • 3000 campaign messages
  • 300 minutes video calls
  • 5 Departments
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$199 99 mo.

  • Standard Features+
  • 10 AI Assistants
  • 3000 Chats included
  • Additional chats starting $0.07/chat
  • 3 Agent/CRM seats included
  • 3000 campaign messages
  • 300 minutes video calls
  • Unlimited Departments
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* Above prices are for self created/managed assistants. Please see Kenyt Managed AI Assistants prices here.

* Prices are excluding taxes. Chat price is starting price. Price goes down for higher volumes.

Feature Comparison

Compare and contrast our plans. Choose the one that suits your business needs.

Features Free Basic Standard Premium
Number of AI Assistants 1 2 7 15
Included Chats 150 250 1000 3000
Included Seats (Manual Chat, CRM) 2 3 3 3
Included Messages 1000 3000 3000 3000
Included Video Minutes 100 300 300 300
Chat UX Customization
Facebook/WhatsApp Integration × ×
Dashboard Access
Mobile Apps (Android/iOS)
Daily/Weekly/Monthly reports
Audit Log × ×
Virtual Receptionist ×
Multi language Support × × ×
Speech Support × × ×
Campaign Stats ×
CRM Integration ×
Lead Capture
Lead ranking × ×
Automated Email to Leads
Chat Transcript Storage 30 Days 90 Days 180 Days 365 Days
Area Level Location × ×
Payment Integration ×
Automated Phone Calls × × ×
Market Trends Report × × ×
Number of Departments 1 5 10 Unlimited
Intelligent Department Routing ×
Intelligent Agent Routing ×
Video Calling
Single Sign On × × ×

$0 mo.

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$29 99 mo.

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$99 99 mo.

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$199 99 mo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I be charged?

Depending on your subscription and usage, you will be charged accordingly.

Can I change my plan after some time?

Yes, you can change your plan for the next month anytime. Your chosen plan will be used for the current month billing though.

When will I be charged?

You will be charged for the monthly usage in the first week of the following month.

What if I have more chats than included in the package?

Extra chats will be charged proportionately as per the chat price.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Can I purchase additional agent accounts?

Absolutely. Additional agent accounts will be at $15/month/agent.


Here from our Happy Customers→

Neeraj Kapoor
DGM Marketing, Universal Realtors
We are happy. Automatic chat is much more effective then manual chat. The chat time has increased. Customer are giving more leads here.
Siva Kiran Reddy
Marketing head, Pheonix Group
Good Graphic Response. Instant Reply. Manual Replies are slow. We will go for two more projects as well with them.
Anil Kaza
MD, Tranquil County
We are very happy with Kenyt AI assistant. We have taken the bot for one Project. For other Projects also we will take the additional services.

Omnichannel AI Assistant

Deploy AI Assistant on your website, landing pages, Facebook, SMS, WhatsApp and generate leads from all channels.

Identify Hot Leads instantly

Instant push notifications and forwarding lead to CRM on capture. Call when lead is hot! Get Smart reports and analytics to know your customer interests.

Drive Higher Conversions and Sales

Our AI Assistant ensure no lead is left unnoticed through hyper-personalised conversation and nurture every lead captured.