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An assistant is expected to have deep knowledge of the domain. Additionally a virtual assistant should be able to understand user input and produce meaningful output. We can make that happen. Talk to us to understand how you can give your business the chatbot boost.

You can Email us or Whatsapp us on +91 9581000016.

How Kenyt AiDE Works?

Real Human Like Experience

Kenyt AiDEs are powered with an advanced AI engine having an accuracy of 95%, way higher than industry average, giving a real human-like chat experience

Trained for your business

Kenyt AiDEs are trained with detailed data of your business, so it can answer any query - right from basic FAQs to support queries to advanced transaction operations

Instant Reply to All Queries

90% of customer queries are very simple and expect quick answers. With Kenyt AiDE, answer all queries instantly, and have them leave satisfied from your website/page

One Chatbot ― Multiple Workflows

Cover all workflows your customer needs, through a single chat window – info search, product search, appointment handling, payment processing and more

Your Business on Messaging apps

Messaging apps (FB/Whatsapp) today has 3 Billion+ users. Get your business where your customers are. Kenyt AiDE gives the same great experience on messaging apps

Permanent marketing back-channel

People forget websites, uninstall apps. Kenyt AiDE permanently stays on messaging apps in customer’s friends list, and can be used for effective back-marketing

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