Real estate Lead Capture SalesBot
Engage your customers and increase leads - 24x7


Kenyt.AI Real Estate SalesBot helps to sell your properties faster. Specialized in real estate, SalesBot deeply engages with your online customers, answers their queries and generates quality leads in the process. Deploy the SalesBot on your website, landing pages and social media, and make your marketing campaigns generate 3X more leads from same budget.


  • Pre-trained and ready to deploy
  • Send leads directly to your CRM
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Complete Data Privacy

Leads from multiple channels

Deploy Chatbot on your website, landing pages, Facebook, and capture leads from all channels.

Instant connect with prospect

Instant push notifications and lead forwarding to CRM on capture. Call when lead is hot! Smart analytics to get customer interests based on chat.

Self-learning Hybrid chat system

Engage manually or let chatbot handle the queries or do both in the same conversation. Chatbot learns from responses and get smarter everyday.