Automotive AI Assistant
Engage your customers and increase sales - 24x7


Kenyt.AI automotive assistant knows how to engage your customers who are visiting your website. Kenyt virtual car salesman understand their needs, answers their queries, help them shortlist vehicles, set test drive & servicing appointments and follow up later. It maintains a connection with all your sales agents and connect potential buyers with them instantaneously.


  • Virtual Car Salesman trained to engage car buyers
  • Personalize & adapts based on user behavior
  • Provide instant lead notifications, detailed Analytics
  • CRM connect, Complete Data Privacy

Omnichannel AI Assistant

Deploy AI Assistant on your website, landing pages, Facebook, SMS, WhatsApp and generate leads from all channels.

Identify Hot Leads instantly

Instant push notifications and forwarding lead to CRM on capture. Call when lead is hot! Get Smart reports and analytics to know your customer interests.

Drive Higher Conversions and Sales

Our AI Assistant ensure no lead is left unnoticed through hyper-personalised conversation and nurture every lead captured.