Product Partners
Add conversational interfaces to your products


Use Kenyt.AI platform to develop conversational interface for your products. Be it a existing web application or mobile application, you can use Kenyt.AI SDK to add conversational powers to your app. With multi language and speech support, you can enable your applications to respond to human languages easily leaving the conversational complexity to us.


  • Understand Intents
  • Interface with website/mobile apps
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Multi-lingual + Speech

Leads from multiple channels

Deploy Chatbot on your website, landing pages, Facebook, and capture leads from all channels.

Instant connect with prospect

Instant push notifications and lead forwarding to CRM on capture. Call when lead is hot! Smart analytics to get customer interests based on chat.

Self-learning Hybrid chat system

Engage manually or let chatbot handle the queries or do both in the same conversation. Chatbot learns from responses and get smarter everyday.