Advanced Lead Capture

Virtual Assistant has in-built AI flows specifically designed to capture leads, and tested over time.

User Profile

Get complete profile of the your visitors based on their web/email activity.

Personalized Engagement

Kenyt virtual assistant provides a hyper personalized chat experience to your customers. Feel the power of dynamic messaging rather than static pitches.

CRM Integration

Kenyt Virtual Assistants can send leads directly to any CRM, e.g. SFDC, Leadsquare,

Customized UX

Virtual Assistant's look & feel can be fully customised based on company branding.

Lead Verification

Spend less time on junk leads. Kenyt virtual assistant verifies captured leads and send only qualifed leads.

Lead Ranking

Kenyt virtual assistant ranks the leads on many parameters like time spent on website, pages visited, questions asked in the chat etc.

Improved SEO

Higher engagement on your digital properties improves time spent, bounce rates which in turn helps your SEO strategy.

Email/SMS Campaigns

Use virtual assistant in your Email/SMS campaigns to provide personalized pitch to your customers resulting in lower lead cost.

UTM / Campaigns tracking

Track your campaigns' RoI using UTM parameters tagging in Virtual Assistant.

World's most advanced AI Virtual Assistant Technology working for you
Kenyt's core team comes with extensive experience in AI and related technologies

95% accuracy in answering queries

With a series of proprietary AI algorithms in back-end, Kenyt Virtual Assistants are able to answer 95% of user queries correctly, one of the highest benchmarks in industry.

Contextual, Human-like Chat experience

Similar to humans, Kenyt Virtual Assistants take care of full context while chatting with user, e.g. previous conversation messages, identity of user, time & location of conversation.

Grammar, Misspells, Synonyms Handling

Not only normal language, Kenyt Virtual Assistants can handle various language variations, such as Grammar (location vs. located), Misspells (Floor vs. Flor) and Synonyms (show me vs. tell me)

Machine learning for self improvement

With embedded Machine Learning technology, Kenyt Virtual Assistants continuously improve over time as newer queries come, further increasing their accuracy.

Support for Multiple Languages

Kenyt Assistants can converse in multiple languages and dialects, either in script form or as one language written in terms of other.

Voice Bot Support

Want your business to 'talk' to your online customers? Kenyt technology goes beyond just chat. It also supports voice based automated systems - Voice Virtual Assistants.

Still not convinced?

Kenyt.AI are working with 100+ clients, including many reputed names, and producing phenomenal results in terms of customer engagement and lead capture - 5-times more quality leads from existing marketing campaigns and website traffic. We also offer a free 1-month trial, so you can see the results yourself, before making any financial commitment.

Even after trial period, our pricing is result based. So you pay only when you engage with customers. Else it stays free!


Try us for free for 1 month, get benefit of full product suite, and experience results yourself.

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