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CRM Integration

Automate the conversation of your sales teams, ease up the reporting & management processes at scale, and most importantly never lose track of tickets by prioritizing, categorizing and assigning them.

Manage deals like a Pro

Manage, segment and search for multiple deals while staying up-to-date on all accounts before you step into the demo call or a meeting.

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Increased sales productivity

A board view of all the deals, and their stages to easily identify and assign deals that you & your team need to focus. Seamlessly collaborate with different teams to win high-value deals faster.

Activity Log

View and track each agents’ and system activity on the deals.

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Custom Properties

Allows sales team to add custom fields tailoring to their organizations’ needs to make sure your team do not miss any important metrics/KPIs of the deal.

Saved Views

Your Sales team can choose/segment the deals based on their interaction and save them for later to keep a tab on them.

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