World's most advanced Marketing & Sales Virtual Assistant to engage customers, capture leads and increase sales. Get 3X engagement and 5X more leads from existing Website traffic and campaigns.

Leads from multiple channels

Deploy Virtual Assistant on your website, landing pages, Facebook, and capture leads from all channels.

Instant connect with prospect

Instant push notifications and lead forwarding to CRM on capture. Call when lead is hot! Smart analytics to get customer interests based on chat.

Self-learning Hybrid chat system

Engage manually or let virtual assistant handle the queries or do both in the same conversation. Virtual Assistant learns from responses and get smarter everyday.

Why Kenyt.AI?

Kenyt.AI helps you engage your customers with rich personalized answers - 24x7. We use latest AI technology to convert your visitors to leads and then to sales!

Same Prospects → More Leads → More Sales

Kenyt Virtual Assistant improves the whole marketing & sales lifecycle, end-to-end. It continuously observes prospects’ behavior, hyper-personalizes the conversation in real time, captures leads, re-engages pro-actively on multiple channels and helps your team to close sales. End result – More leads, more sales.

Virtual Assistant with a Business Card

Literally! Your virtual assistant comes with a business phone, email and a website. Prospects can call, email, SMS anytime and Kenyt VA will engage with full context and personalization. VA will use all those conversations to further personalize the future conversations with the prospect/lead.

Customer Analytics and Hybrid Human-Bot

Kenyt Virtual Assistant’s main goal is to help you close sales, as best as possible. It provides deep analytics about your customers' preferences and what they are looking for, to your sales team, which you can use to improve your sales pitches and marketing campaigns. VA seamlessly hands over baton to your sales team at the right time when needed.

Kenyt.AI Advantages

Expertise in Marketing and Sales Assistants

We have long experience working in marketing and sales virtual assistants. We know exactly how customers talk and what they are looking for.

Self-learning Hybrid Chat System

Our proprietary solution provides integrated communication channel between your team, virtual assistant and customers. Virtual assistant learns overtime from your team's responses.

Integration with existing Systems

Kenyt Virtual Assistant and analytics integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, such as CRM, website, apps, and makes the overall system more efficent.

Ready to get a Customer Engagement Virtual Assistant for your business?

Getting started with Kenyt Virtual Assistant is super easy. Just let us know your intent to try and our operations team will handle the rest.

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Our Esteemed Clients


Here's what our users say about us →

Neeraj Kapoor
DGM Marketing, Universal Realtors
We are happy. Automatic chat is much more effective then manual chat. The chat time has increased. Customer are giving more leads here.
Siva Kiran Reddy
Marketing head, Pheonix Group
Good Graphic Response. Instant Reply. Manual Replies are slow. We will go for two more projects as well with them.
Anil Kaza
MD, Tranquil County
We are very happy with the services. We have taken the bot for one Project. For Other Projects also we will take the additional services.

Simple, value based pricing. No hidden fees.


Free mo.

  • 1 Virtual Assistant
  • 200 chats included
  • Automated Emails
  • Dashboard Access
  • 1 Agent Account
  • 1 Department
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$49 99 mo.

  • All Free Features
  • 500 Chats included
  • 2 Virtual Assistants
  • Additional Chats @ $0.08/chat
  • Multiple Agents
  • Up to 5 Departments
  • Sign Up Now!


$149 99 mo.

  • All Standard Features
  • 1000 Chats included
  • 4 Virtual Assistants
  • Additional chats @ $0.16/chat
  • Multi Language Support
  • Speech Support
  • Automated Phone Calls, IVR
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* Above prices are for self created/managed assistants. Email us for pricing of Kenyt created/managed assistants

* Prices are excluding taxes. Chat price goes down for higher volumes

Need help on pricing?

Have any query on pricing? Call us at +91 - 78937 68516, or write at, and our dedicated support staff will help you answer any of your query.

Everything you need to engage your customers and get 5X more quality leads from your existing Marketing Budget
Get yourself ahead from your competition.

Special AI flows to capture leads

Kenyt Virtual Assistants give your customers a reason to share their contact details. It has inbuilt special flows to capture phone number and email just at the right time.

Deeply trained for your business

Your Kenyt Virtual Assistants come trained with detailed knowledge of your business, so it can answer any query – from location to features to product details.

Power in your sales team’s hand

Kenyt Virtual Assistant gives full control to your sales team. Through Android/iOS mobile apps, your sales team can call the prospect immediately, while he/she is still on the website/landing page.

Deep customer engagement

Kenyt Virtual Assistant not only answers customer's queries, but also tries to understand their interest areas and takes the whole 1-to-1 conversation accordingly. This builds a deeper connection with customer.

Analytics for management

With Kenyt Virtual Assistant's rich dashboard, management can see various analytics, such weekly/monthly lead report, chat transcripts, customers' interest areas, RoI of marketing campaigns etc.

Presence on all platforms

Virtual Assistant, once created for your business, can be deployed everywhere where your customers are - Website, all landing pages, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Email, SMS campaigns.